At Zama, we believe in Kerckhoffs’s principle: that security by obscurity cannot exist. The only way to feel confident about a cryptosystem’s security is to have the community try to break it and fail. In practice, this means we need to publish our results
Introducing the Concrete Framework.
Save the date! This Thursday at 6pm (Paris, Fr time), Jean-Baptiste Orfila, Researcher at Zama will present the biggest update to Zama’s FHE library…
This last part of the TFHE blog posts series is dedicated to bootstrapping.
This third blog post of the TFHE series describes some more leveled homomorphic operations and building blocks.
This second blog post of the series shows you how to perform operations on the ciphertexts used in TFHE.
Part I of a series of posts dedicated to the Fully Homomorphic Encryption scheme called TFHE
Introducing Concrete ML, alongside new features for Concrete Numpy and Concrete Core.
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