Try our latest demo: Encrypted Image Filtering Using Homomorphic Encryption

January 2023

A pure Rust implementation of TFHE for booleans and small integer arithmetics over encrypted data.

November 2022

More than €500,000 in prizes available!

September 2022

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August 2022

A blog post and an invitation...
A tutorial that shows the new Concrete v0.2 in action
At Zama, we believe in Kerckhoffs’s principle: that security by obscurity cannot exist. The only way to feel confident about a cryptosystem’s security…

July 2022

Introducing the Concrete Framework.
Save the date! This Thursday at 6pm (Paris, Fr time), Jean-Baptiste Orfila, Researcher at Zama will present the biggest update to Zama’s FHE library…

June 2022

This last part of the TFHE blog posts series is dedicated to bootstrapping.

May 2022

This third blog post of the TFHE series describes some more leveled homomorphic operations and building blocks.
This second blog post of the series shows you how to perform operations on the ciphertexts used in TFHE.